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ЧПУ контроллер / ПО
Beckhoff / Contronest
Precise WJ3
Creator WJ5
Compact C3-1010
ЧПУ контроллер / ПО
Precise WJ3
Creator WJ5
Compact C3-1010
Contronest + Beckhoff CX5130 (стандарт)
Intuitive CAM software from ControNest
ControNest, the optimal solution for waterjet machines, boasts a CNC interface crafted by cutting machine builders with over two decades of expertise in the field. Drawing from their wealth of experience, the team was able to seamlessly blend customer needs with user-friendliness, resulting in a product that outperforms the competition.

ControNest comes equipped with an inbuilt CAM module designed for material nesting, enabling the import of CAD drawings, part layouts, and material databases. This eradicates the need for costly extra CAM software.

With its flexible software architecture, ControNest can be personalized to fit any requirement. Vision solutions, multiportals, and other bespoke functions can be easily incorporated, ensuring a tailor-made experience for every user.
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Changing cutting parameters on-the-fly (such as
kerf, pressure, abrasive, and other variables)
Integrated CAM software
DXF files can be imported with automatic recognition of the interior and exterior of each component
ControNest chose BECKHOFF as the hardware platform for the controller because it is one of the world's most reliable, high-quality brands.

The Contronest CNC controller is built on a robust German-made EtherCAT IPC Beckhoff® and features the Microsoft® Windows Embedded Standard 7 P operating system. It boasts a fanless design with low power consumption and the added option to install extra CAD software.
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This controller comes with input and output modules that have limitless expansion and can be easily installed and connected using the integrated screwless spring technology. It includes all necessary module types, such as high power, DC drive, relays, solid-state relays, and analog I/O, effectively eliminating the need for other electrical components like relays, abrasive motor drives, proportional valve drives, and more.

Technical Specifications

Igems + Fagor 8065 (option)
IGEMS - Professional CAD / CAM software for waterjet cutting from Sweden
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Data exchange
IGEMS Nesting (Level 1)
Fagor ЧПУ 8065
In a constant pursuit of excellence, Fagor Automation continues to develop its products and introduces the new 8065 CNC as an innovative and intuitive solution for the world of high-performance machine tools.
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Ergonomic and robust design
The CNC 8065 from Fagor Automation stands out for its ability to cater to the actual requirements of machine operators. It boasts a cutting-edge and ergonomic design featuring a brand-new series of touch screen keyboards, an integrated mouse and USB port, a highly lucid viewing system, and a user-friendly and intuitive interface. With Pop-up technology, the system provides immediate access to all functions, doing away with the laborious multi-level system that can cause delays and complications for users. The 8065 CNC is protected in rugged industrial settings thanks to its novel mounting design and component technology, which comply with IP65 (NEMA12) sealing standards.
High-speed processing
Cad-Cam systems are frequently utilized to generate high-speed machining programs. To enhance the toolpath, the 8065 CNC leverages polynomial interpolation, or splines, to optimize the generated points. This smoothing process guarantees superior workpiece cleanliness while maintaining high levels of productivity.

The 8065 CNC is designed to smoothly execute complex toolpaths by analyzing programmed tool path changes for the workpiece in advance. This enables the machine to adapt to its dynamics, minimizing roughness or traces during machining, as well as corner rounding errors and jerks when turning the machine on and off.

By employing the 8065 HSSA (High-Speed Machining Accuracy) CNC machining system, users can enjoy two advantages. Firstly, it reduces the mechanical stresses exerted on the machine tool, which leads to longer service life of its components. Secondly, the low vibration level results in smoother movements, enabling higher feed rates and reducing the occurrence of machining errors.
Optimizing machine efficiency
The 8065 CNC makes it easy to start all types of machines, with a variety of setup tools for maximum efficiency.
Integral solutions
Fagor 8065 operator interface
The interface improves machine productivity in two key ways. The first is reduced programming time thanks to the operator-focused, intuitive interface of the 8065 CNC. The second is the significant improvement in part cleanliness through the use of multiple high-speed machining functions.
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Bode plot
This tool enables the measurement of a machine tool's frequency response. By obtaining this information, the vibrations resulting from the mechanical structure resonance of the machine tool can be filtered out, providing the machine tool manufacturer/user with improved setup and stability capabilities.
Roundness (ovality) test
This helps to improve the operation of the axes when reversing the direction of motion. When making a lap, the function graphically compares the actual path to the theoretical path and offers the necessary tools for proper adjustment.
The oscilloscope serves as a useful aid in adjusting the operational features of the axes. Through its 4 operating channels that display analog and discrete variables, it facilitates the observation and correction of the machine's performance and dynamic behavior.
This function is used to automatically adjust the machine axes to obtain optimum and smooth working characteristics. In difficult and operating machining conditions, it can be used together with the functions mentioned earlier.
Pop-up technology
With the 8065 TNC, users can conveniently access all functions and options through a pop-up menu. By using soft keys, new menus can be overlaid on the screen for easy selection of the desired function. This interactive feature eliminates the need for cumbersome sub-levels that can complicate the operator's work. Even operators who have never used a Fagor machine before can easily and efficiently operate the 8065 CNC after mastering its basics.
Integrated documentation
The 8065 TNC offers the convenience of integrating both operator and programming manuals in the language of your preference, accessible directly on the TNC. With just a press of the HELP key, the TNC displays the relevant chapter for the current task. This feature enables you to browse through any necessary information within any chapter of the manual while still on the machine. By having the manuals available on the TNC, the operator can access vital information effortlessly and promptly, without the need for paper documents beside the machine. The use of computer-formatted data is also eco-friendly, as it eliminates the need to constantly print out hard copies, which are only occasionally viewed.
User Browser
The user can adapt the NC 8065 browser very easily. Depending on the operator's needs, operating modes or unused machining cycles can be hidden. The user can select the operating screens and cycles that he uses frequently and hide the rest, obtaining a simpler and more personalized interface that improves efficiency.
IIP Programming (Interactive Icon Pages)
Fagor Automation provides ICON dialog programming cycles, which can be used by operators without any prior experience in ISO programming. The operator simply needs to input the part geometry data directly from the drawing and provide information about the tools and machining conditions, and the CNC takes care of the rest. This eliminates the need to create or save a program in advance, making it a convenient option for both unit and prototype production. This approach also removes the necessity for operators who specialize in a specific CNC model or brand. Our programming system, IIP, is based on ICON and is considered the top programming system available for manufacturing today.
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