Milteksan established in 2020 in collaboration with USEL MAKINAaims to localize 5-axis CNC control units in Turkey.
These units are major components of machine tools and robotic systems in mechanical engineering. CNC systems consist of a control system, electronic equipment, and mechanical systems. They are important parts of both civilian and defense industries and require authorization from the importing country.
Milteksan develops the next generation of 5-axis CNC control systems and platforms for the development and application of digital twins.
Pixelstar is a digital metaverse in Turkey designed for startups, entrepreneurs, and social event enthusiasts. It enables you to plan and participate in events of varying sizes and styles using your digital avatars.
Pixelstar provides a virtual space for celebrities and their followers to connect and engage with each other. In addition, users can utilize the platform to purchase or sell NFTs, attend or host virtual training sessions and interviews.
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